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PT VISI INSAN PRATAMA is one of a growing telecommunications  company  located  in South Jakarta. We have projects that are in areas such as Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan and Sulawes



+ Abstract


Visi Insan Pratama (VIP) is a private national company which offers Telecommunication  Implementation & Engineering services to private and commercial customers.


Our aim is to promote our capabilities on Telecommunication Implementation & Engineering  services, to achieve the high standards of network performance. We have established our resources reputation and experience through years national to international level. With the synergy of our expertise and financial support we will offer the implementation & engineering services for wireless vendors or operators in Indonesia and overseas.


Compliting our service in Telecommnication Implementation & Engineering service, since 2010 we have developed our Logistic & Transportation team. With this additional capacity and capability we can deliver our services to our customer with more effective way.


For years, while offering our Implementation, Engineering, Logistic and Tranportation services, VIP has always followed our customer’s requirements and satisfactions, we always trying to offer the fastest response and best support to our customers. Taking a professional approach, we have never stopped our steps along this way.


Finally, without compromising our future goals and maintain our existence with professionalism, VIP will be better solution and best business partner for your bright promising project.



+ Vision


Building Customer Value by listening to our customers and remain perceptive of their needs, delivering high standard of services and enhancing performance.



+ Mission


Being part of Telecom Global Bussiness by delivering fast, reliable and comprehensive services for Telecommunication business industry


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